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By Highsticken
-What guide you usedn -what stretch of donny beavers water fishedn -any new shadow casting developmentsn -how cool you looked on that dayI have also tried to maintain a fishing journal so far it has been a complete failure.
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By burgerthumb
How about a section like this:Twaddle? Y/Nthen you circle y, yes or n, no.
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By TX.
What happened on the Drake while I was fishing:Another new guy can't figure out how to post pictures: Y/Nn Another new guy blows his load in his first post trying to impress:Y/Nn Another new guy hoping to get slammed gets ignored w/ 0 replies:Y/Nn Another new guy thinks he says something funny, but if he could use the search button he'da seen twenty more before him tried that w/ similar failure: Y/NWhat cool place is Nemo fishing while I'm stuck here typing in my diary on this laptop on the banks of the Chatahoochie...again?When do I get to go down and play w/ the cool kids on the Texas Coast?
By Banned
# of other fishermen encountered.In a perfect world that column would always be blank...
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By TX.
Originally posted by Grouse&green:n n now really. when did one of yous earn the title of cool?
[/QB][/QUOTE]...Well, Hayward is cool.
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By Plow
For Salt add:n High & low tide times and amount of flow for each changen Wind speed and directionn Moon phasen Salinity (important for the marshes in south LA)n Any previous weather events - passing of fronts, etcIf I was trout fishing I would add some info on the hatchery truck stockings - times and locations should do.
By revolution.kirk
conductivity, submergent, and emergent aquatic vegetation, DO, temp.. maybe pick one of these up..i think whorvis should have one out soon. Imagen kidding of course, I wish i had ambition/ patience to do a journal.
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By Salmotrutta
Holy Shit= almost forgot the important- What color indie used?Feel free to send that Scott to me for a test run. I'd like to see what the hoopla is about. No Scott dealer near me. n Just tell em to send us all one. Give em' 1/4 page in the next issue. Sounds fair to me.
By Deerhawk
Women (or the lack there of) :cool:
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By m.b.
brand of snuff in your shirt pocket...hook size, tippet.....

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By Reef Runner
Biggest question- did you have your Drake visor on or not?
Originally posted by Txfly:n
Originally posted by Grouse&green:n n now really. when did one of yous earn the title of cool?
...Well, Hayward is cool.
Dude- WTF? Aren't you leaving someone out? Image
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By shunned
I need to use the potty
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