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By Highsticken
Anyone ever try the new Saranac brew, Hefeweizen?
Very nice. It has a banana taste at first then it transforms to a honey middle with a clove finish. I just had my first of whats sure to be many. Two words....De-fucken Lish.
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By Ricky Bobby
Seriously.... Is that a dude... Kinda looks like an NBA player...
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By dunk
Those are the floppiest milkbags I've seen in a while.n Try again...
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By mitch aka 2 fish
I see what you mean now about this nappy headed ho business. It's about time someone shown one of the sisters. For your next trick I would like.... an Indian lass sans floppy boobays.Hop to it, skippy.
By evilmonkey50
This is lame. B&P has been shamed by this. And I'm not talking about the African American chic. Pathetic.
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By mitch aka 2 fish
Whoa hippy... so what's worse, showing pictures of naked women (sexist and degrading to women) or asking which Indian e.g. dots or feathers (jokingly generalising)?Mind you don't fall off that high horse, Jesus.
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By Ricky Bobby
I still think its a dude.... I would offer a new set of BoobiesAs to the Pie well... I am a fan of blueberry but the crust looks a bit shallow.
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By mitch aka 2 fish
Shit, I nearly forgot as I was ranting. Dots please.That one on the right looks a bit sus. I bet when he gets on top they look like cricket balls in a football sock.

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By bigtj
Personally I have nothing against floppy milkbags, some of us [/img]ortals" have to be happy with what they can get. However, I must say that pic is looking pretty damn tranny-ish. I'm thinking the bra is to hide her(his) nasty hairy bo-zack and that is making me wanna puke.

<small>[ April 18, 2007, 05:47 PM: Message edited by: bigtj ]</small>
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