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16 dead 36 missing, ... 1&iref=BN1
Little Missouri River came up 9' in about 14 minutes I'm told swept through a campground

Long way from my stomping grounds, and the waters we fish, but I have friends who visit there.

Thoughts and prayers go out

DRC, any word on the fish.......
one word ... why?
listen to what those endured. particularly the woman in the second ... 4#37649664

that shld work now
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reading between the lines many of the missing might be kids
cant imagine how the parents must be feeling.
what a tragic loss, we all know the power of water, and I've been caught on small headwater streams during downpours and have been in rapid water rising situations, but I can't imagine the horror of camping on an island during a flood like this one, with children screaming out for help while parents were unable to save them. prayers sent to the friends and family of those who lost loved ones.
2:30 in the morning. I think of all the nights I've camped with my kids along rivers and streams. I can't imagine the terror and pain of losing a kid. Somewhere around 24 still missing.

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