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By bigtj
While all you guys were dreaming about suction devices, did you happen to notice some one who doesn't suck (or does he suck too? I can't keep my sucking metaphors straight) that the 2005 Corksucking Bastidge of the Year poll finished, and the winner is none other than Reverand James Castwell? That guy is such an ass I am so glad to see that he received the award. At the rate he's going he's working on Bastidge of the Century. Jerk-off know it alls like him are what turn people away from the sport.I can see it now as he accepts his award:"First of all, I'd like to thank all the non-sucky suck-ups at FAOL that always stand by my side and post raving reviews of my fly-fishing prowess declaring how awesome you think I am, no matter what kind of backwards-ass piece of crap stories or scathing posts I write...."-John
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By Jon
"And I'd like to thank everyone I've banned, there's too many of you to mention. I know that without your votes I never would have been able to beat Dubya and Pombo..."
By bighawkfan
It's very tempting to just blast the bridge, but I have come across too many good deals on the Things to Sell board. Can't let a Soaker, albeit a King of Soaking, get in the way of a bargain.
By Tony300wby
This is great! I didnt know about the vote or "the grand pooba" would have got my vote too. Even though there are some who visit his great land that I beleive are bigger assholes than even he. Makes me puke when I read some of their replys to him and the ladysnagger. There is one guy that has his nose so far up their ass. Every time castbad says something this guy has to say what a great answer he gave.

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By befuddled
Tony,n Here at the Drake, we dont make a habit of taking quit jabs at people on other boards that dont even have chance to defend themselves on our board.I personally dont really know any of the people here or on LOAF. But people who Castlikeabiatch have feelings too.thanks,n befuddled
By coolconman
Originally posted by befuddled:n Tony,n Here at the Drake, we dont make a habit of taking quit jabs at people on other boards that dont even have chance to defend themselves on our board.
We Don't?? When did this start?
By bigtj
"Opporutnity to defend themselves"?????I suspect your joking but it did raise a question - when you think abou it, Castwell could come over here and defend himself all he wants to, he knows the URL and he could get an account in 30 seconds. That being the case, I suspect he's too much of a pussy to go on a board where he doesn't have totalitarian banning control and at least 30 suck-ups to stand behind him. He would melt down on the Drake like an ice-cream cone on the surface of the sun coming to a place where a few people might *gasp* disagree with him.-John

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By Tony300wby
befuddled,I edited my post a little. In a way I think I understand ware your coming from. I gave the other guy a break this time. Castbad will NEVER get a break from me though. He is a ass hole.
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By befuddled
Yeah, I was joking. n truth is I wouldn't have even thrown my obviously off-target sarcasm towards that board. But upon learning of it, I went to check out the for sale page in search of cheap salt equipment, and the board wouldn't let me register!Flat out wouldn't accept me and I have never been registered there under any name (do they have some CIA list of Drake visitors?).
n I then contemplated fulfilling Smithhammer's dirty work
Anyone who's still allowed over there willing to let King LOAF in on his new title?
as the same "sociallyconcernedangler" that thoughtfully sent PETA the link about squirrel fishing (never got a reply BTW), but by the time I got my password emailed to me (5 days) I remembered Tom's admonition to leave him alone.n So I left him alone and contented myself with repeating one of the things I laugh about frequently...."Castlikeabiatch".dont remember who registered there under trhat name, but it has given me many laughs.befuddled
By bigtj
Now I am laughing my ass off. From now on when I need to chill I'm going to get in my best Yoga postion and begin repeating my new mantra over and over:Castlikeabiatchn Castlikeabiatchn Castlikeabiatchn Castlikeabiatchn Castlikeabiatchn CastlikeabiatchPriceless.-JohnPS most fitting web definition for mantra:A series of syllables, considered sacred (and sometimes magical), used in meditation and rituals

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