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By thalweg
Anybody else fish for these prehistoric bastards? Put em up!
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By West Chester
Ah love you long time

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By thalweg
My old man hates that lid.
By DayTripper
I tried and failed. Had two hits on big smallie streamers- didn't know there were gonna be a bunch of gar in that stream- and can't wait to target them specifically next time I'm back in that area. Any tips on catching these bastards?
By thalweg
Patience. Lots of patience.
Feeding them is the closest thing I have found to tarpon yet, and as soon as you give em the wood they go airborne. :cheer
By JoshO
Smithhammer wrote:Haven't fished for them (yet), but I love knowing that there is a "Garspace" thread.
Echo that! Just think about how many naysayers were converted via the Carpspace thread...

Nice work T. I've got to get me one of those hats.
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By Horn_Identity
Nice catch Thalweg, and I do like the lid and the whole ensemble. I try to go after them gar whenever I'm down south, hooked up many but landed few, tail walking SOBs. :cool

Old pic of a small gar, caught with a streamer...
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By Redchaser
I've caught a bunch of gar on the fly over the years, usually out of boredome when my target species isn't co-operating, I'll toss at a gar. Had one eat my fly yesterday while redfishing, but I did a trout set and yanked it away from him...
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By Ginseng Sullivan
so far i haven't managed to land one. i came close a month or so back but totally chickened out when it came to tailing it. like hooking a boa constrictor. i was pretty much happy to have it get off at that point. their jumps are plain weird, they just swim vertically right out of the water and into the air, still swimming like a snake.

it looks like you got that one out of a small trout stream?
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By Gremlin

was that a "rope" fly? (one of the flies where the material gets tangled up in their teeth, rather than hooking them).

I used to catch them on gear. We used to target them on floating Rapalas, often sight fishing to them. It was fun, but hooking them was really difficult.

By blue ridge angler
I see good things in this threads future...
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