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By caddis
I wonder if it is possible for the admin. people to create a photo icon .. something that would indicate which threads contained pictures/graphics etc.n Just a thought.
By St. Simon
I've E-mailed the big fish in erference to something similar. I'd asked for a place on the site just for picks. Nemo likes the simplicity of the site the way it is. n Thinking about it, most threads with picks on them mention picks on the topic section...but I do agree with you. It would be nice to have a spot where you could go to just for pictures.
By Jed
To help those with low speed connections it is always good to drop the resolution and size of you pics to keep loading speed to a minimum.jed
By fyshnutz
the best venison I ever ate was in Romania.n asshat, the new dodo bird.
I am against all changes to accomadate low bandwidth users.In fact, I would like to see the ubb media tags enabled to increase the weight of the pages.There are already too many posters here - it is time to winnow them out by making the board as slow and unusable as possible.
one dramatic improvement would be to install a filter based on geography that would prevent austrians from posting
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By mitch aka 2 fish
Chicago. I hope you're freezing your over-populated asses off. n You can keep it fuckstick, yours for a tenner.Is ER real? 'cause I think that paki bird plays for West Ham...
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By Rusty Hook
The government, after discussions about EU-"sanctions" against Austria were dropped, succeeded in removing the daily insanity from the attention of the international public. n Meanwhile "sanctions" have been lifted, which almost all political groups here celebrated as a victory, and the [/img]nterest" taken in the development in Austria has decreased even more. The "normalisation" of the right-wing/right extreme government continues, and therefore information about the aggravation of the situation in Austria is even more important to fly fishing.
yeah - thats funny, you friggin moron.Perth is one of the few places in the world that makes Chicago look great. Worlds worst air - worlds worst traffic -worlds most expensive housing - women that need to shave - and you watch ER.Can't get that austria filter installed fast enough
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By Smithhammer
After the defeat of the Magyars by Emperor Otto the Great in the Battle of Lechfeld (955), new Marches were established in what is today Austria. The one known as the marchia orientalis was to become the core territory of Austria and was given to Leopold of Babenberg in 976 after the revolt of Henry II, Duke of Bavaria.The Marches were overseen by a comes or dux as appointed by the Warlord. The most normal translation of these offices is count or duke, but these titles conveyed very different meanings in the Early Middle Ages, and the Latin terminology is preferable to any modern translation. In lumbardi-speaking countries, the title was eventually regularized to Margravei (German: Markgraf). (i.e. "Count of the Mark").The first record showing the name Austria is 996 were it is written as Ostarrîchi, referring to the territory of the Babenberg March. The term Ostmark is not historically ascertained and appears to be a translation of marchia orientalis that came up only much later. Image
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By befuddled
i installed underground sprinklers, but almost never use them because i want to convert it to a pump that sprays water captured via rain barrell.n anyhoo, in cold weather, if you're worried about your valves freezing and breaking, you can wrap a warm jacket around the valve apparatus and put it back in the box....if you're worried you didn't bury deep enough
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