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By JoshO
Are you fk'n kidding me?!? Must be a hell of a fight on that Med/Heavy bass rod... :bullshit

That third release went right into the grass. :vomit
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By Lenny
The English language cannot accurately describe how much of an idiot that guy is.
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By Ramcatt
fucking hell :bomb

every fish ripped to shit and then thrown back in...
love how the goon wont unhook the fish
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By Mike Honcho
"He wants to get in right away."

Really? You mean in the water, where they live and can breathe?
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By DeShootnestGent'man
I think he could have used, "and another nice one" a bit more liberally. Aside from that, I'd say ready for teh suck film tour, no? :bomb
By speybait
Fish mortality?


That guy is a scourge upon the earth. Somebody get Sheriff Mark Twombly on the phone.
I just feel bad for you guys that live in that area. You have to see his obese, fish-killing ass all the time I bet.
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I like the heavy breathing coming from the cameraman. Biggest Loser: Wisconson Spinners

[heavy breathing] "Get back in the watta" [heavy breathing] (as Len throws the fish on the bank)
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By Ginseng Sullivan
we see how it looks to us. here's spinners description
LenH1 wrote:sunshine

i wasn't guiding there.

I was fishing with a Gary Engberg...
He has a syndicated blog.

That outing I turned him on to 30 plus trout and because of it landed the speaking gig at the Madison Fishing Expo.

The BIGGEST fishing show in wisconsin.

Gary is the master of ceremonies there and has been for years.

Put your jealousy back in your pants....It is embarrassing...

I only guide for charities nowadays.
always two sides to every story and never let the truth get in the way of a good one.
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