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By Glista
I was wondering who uses fiberglass rods on this site? The ones by Lamiglas are my favorite so far but you have to build them. Lamiglas only sells the blanks at this point in time. Scott makes some nice ones but they are slightly slower than the Lamiglas. Tried a Diamondback last year but I did not use it long enough to form an opinion. Winston had one out for a time but they discontinued them. I heard T&T was coming out with one to but I have not seen one yet.
By bigtj
I have 3 glass rods and I love all of them. I use my scott 7'10" 4wt the most. Great small stream rod. There has been a fiberglass rod forum out there off and on for a while, check it out just do a web search.Glass rods have a nice feel I am glad to say I think they are going to stay around for a while.
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By tim_s
old fenwick ferralites - 8'8WTs - THE rod for largemouths on deer hair poppersi just sold a fenwick FF756 - 7.5' 6WT.....sweet little rod, just didn't see enough use, and i needed a new reelsold last year a 7'5WT berklee parametric...SWEET rod, but i found a 7' 5WT to be a funny sizejust built an 8' 4WT Diamondglass and broke it in on wild brookies last is already a favorite rodplan on building a short, light small stream glass rod, probably a steffen brothers blank......check them out, they are probably making the best glass these days
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By Jon
Chuck - I had a 7' Lamiglas that I gave to a young relative a couple of years ago. I figured since glass is pretty durable stuff, the kid wouldn't be so likely to break it. Now I wish I still had it - it's a fine rod. About 85% of the feel of bamboo without the price tag.
By Ursus
I tend to like slower rods so I am quite fond of fiberglass. I particularly like the Diamondglass, but I don't own one - yet. I do have an old Fenwick Ferralite though. It is a 7 1/2 foot 6 wt. that I use as my kayak rod - it's a sweet little rod that is tough as nails. Once while beaching the kayak, the tip got caught up underneath it and bent almost double - it ended up being just fine though, whereas a graphite rod would have no doubt been shattered. I also like the Fenwick grip and in fact, that is the the grip I put on the first and only rod I built. I don't know why others don't copy that grip - it is far and away one of the most comfortable out there.Ursus
By dudley
I have three that I use,.n A lamiglass 7'9" 4wt My first good trout rod from over 30 years agon A ferralite 7wtn And an orvis golden eagle 9'8wt, Phillipson blank.n Cases like a cannon. Weighes a ton.n All three are home rolled
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By FlyShopDude
Charlie, I have a 6'6 3wt Diamondglass if you or Nick ever want to borrow it and whup on a bunch of fish with it you guys are for than welcome to do so if you want to form an opinion compared to the other glass rods out there. I have nothing to compare it to but I like it alot.
By Deerhawk
Im in the process of re-furbishing an early 70's Wright+McGill "Denco" 8 1/2' 7wt bought at a yard sale for a 5 spot. I fished with it when I first got it....good rod!
By Surly
I have a Fenwick FF85 that sees some shad and smallmouth duty.Love to fish an old (70s vintage) Winston Stalker 7' 3 weight for small stream brookies and browns around here. I haven't fished it yet this year, thanks for reminding me.I know of a dealer around here (Maryland) who still has at least one of the Winston Stalker Reproductions from a couple years ago if anyone is interested. (I have no interest in the sale of this rod)
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By FliesOnly
I saw the Thomas and Thomas heirloom in a shop yesterday and I thought it was a little on the ugly side....... It looks better in the pic....
Image I have an old fenwick 5wt that is pretty sweet, I think the Scott is the nicesto one that is out...very nice looking stick...You might be able to find a used Winston out there as well. I have a buddy that has an older one that is very nice.You can buy the Heirloom blanks and roll your own though.....

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By FliesOnly
Hey Tim, I checked out the Steffen Bros site and I think those blanks are pretty reasonable. Do you know what they look like and have you used any of their blanks or rods before?

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