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By RStouff
...drag Micus and Flats Dude outta here and give ya'll some peace, or can I join in the fray too?(Dave made me come in here!)

<small>[ October 28, 2005, 11:32 AM: Message edited by: RStouff ]</small>
By Dave R.
Take you? Hell if they are allowing me and Micus and Flats Dude to hang out here, then they'll just about take anybody.
By Flats Dude
Holy shit, now Roger's here! Naw, sit down over there...sit a spell! (but we ain't leavin' unless nemo throws us out!) :D
By Flats Dude
Well ladies, since none of the rest of these sorry bastids are gonna do it, let me introduce y'all to one of the best goddam writers in the free world...Mr. R. Stouff!!! :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:
By Jed
Look out now! They let Roger in, they'll let anybody in. The Dude is right Roger is a fine writer and he has a new book out too. Native Waters. Its available at and worth the read.jed
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By eponymous
No offense Dude but I think it is "sorry bastidges".
By Dave R.
While Roger certainly is a good writer, Flat's Dude is stretching things a bit. But that is to be expected considering all the stress he has been under from all of the storms that have blown through Florida this year. Oh and the promotion commission he earns might have something to do with it as well. :roll:
By Dave R.
Ha! Roger I knew that you had to be paying Flat's Dude. This proves it. So yes, I would dock him at least a month's pay. Oh by the way. This post has been brought to you by, D.Micus. The great New England Striper Fly Fisherman and world renowned author. :confused:

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