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By blue ridge angler
Great way to get ready to roll out to work this morning.. :cool
Thanks man..
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By shunned
shame on you.
you've no idea how fantastic this photo is.

augustwest wrote: Image
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By Lurgee
Goodness all around
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By Mangina
Damn nice stuff!

Loved the tree in the second pic.

Redefines my "small creek". Looks like a damn trickle in some of the pics.

Colors on those fish are great!!

Thanks for sharing
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By BearsFan
Oh My!
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By Pancho Rancho
Damn nice. The where's Waldo is cool as cumcumber sandwiches. Good day on the suk for small stream day dreaming.
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By fatman
ksymes wrote:stellar :smile
sorry, C'est moi
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