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By TX.
Cabrito...a personal favorite.An icepick behind there ear and they're ready for grillin'.n That's some good shit right there.n Melts in your mouth.n We used to buy them at the flea markets, take em' home in a box w/ holes punched in it...ah the memories.n Talk about a stream side lunch!n ...That made me so hungry, I almost forgot, nice fish!I think that would be the "dick parrot pose".n Good balance GS!
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By Ginseng Sullivan
all right motherscratchers this ain't over i am on my way down to fish with those clowns again today. that goat has one comming. for the record that fish was captured on a marabou tube fly after ifp and sinktip fished through the run with (ick) bobbers and bait (nymphs) and i even took a turn on big red and nothing. swung the marabou through there and got her. in your face flanders!tex very good eye i thought only the ladies would notice that...hmmmm.ed that pic is of the very goat and odly enough the fish pictured was captured in the now infamous goat hole. i told you you should have come up to NY on your trip.
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By Shaq
hey GS, Stick that rod out your ass when holding that guppy from Joisey!!!! How do you guys get water that low to fish? geeze, we got another 1.5 last night. Where is the snow? MArabou rules!!! sweet
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By Ginseng Sullivan
well i'm pretty sure that GD goat is avoiding us but we did find some fishies which i guess is alright. i tell you folks the fishing is so good up here that i didn't even bring a rod and caught two fish. i usualy just use the pitch fork method in this spot but some dickhead TU chapter went and got this area made catch and release. i will let ifp and sinktip make a reply before post any more shots. btw some were making it even though the water was dropping and getting low, amazing critters. Image
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By Glista
Fyshnutz,You wanted more pictures brother. Dam that’s fantastic!
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By FliesOnly
Holy shit, those pics are fan-fucking-tastic!

Wrong thread for newb fuckery, Fanny.

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