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By Adams
Bobwhite wrote:
This picture is great Bob! I cant believe how big Tommy is.

I've always had a soft spot for flat coats.
By Streaker
SIXGUNNER wrote:Image[/report]
That looked like a lot of fun! But what the heck do you do with that many birds now?[/quote]

we breasted them out, kept several but gave most away to a nursing home and homeless shelter
By Alectoris
These are some of my hunting partner's and my old string. We just lost the last of these a few days ago

This is the best retriever I ever had after his last hunt. He was 10 at the time and the Snake was flowing slush balls and ice chunks. I had to chase him with the boat every time a bird dropped in the current which pretty much told me he was done. At least our last hunt was both successful and for just the two of us. He didn't really like other people in the blind and hated other dogs.

His replacement during his first duck hunt. That was my niece's first greenhead.

Part of my current string on a day when there was clearly too much snow to hunt chukar. She found birds anyway.

One of my better dogs. He'd have been a good trial prospect if he didn't have that ridiculous low tail.


Obviously, I have a few bird dog pictures. I'll have to actually upload some good ones of the current string and scan in some of the greatest hits from the last two decades.
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