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By chadroc
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By B.M. Barrelcooker
No pics or fish pics this year folks,

I may have lost my boat and truck and we don't have and assessment yet on the house but all my kids are safe and sound.

Time will always wash away the stuff that we busy ourselves with but the relationships will last forever.

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By fatman
was wonderin' about ya buddy. send updates.
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By markl
BM, sorry to hear about the impact of the storm. But, glad to hear all of yours are safe and sound. Stay good, be strong and help your family and neighbours.

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By Ruddy Duck
Prayers for you Brett.

Glad the important things are covered, but still hate to see your retreat potentially taken.
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By fly-chucker
be safe my friend

positive mojo inbound
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Sorry to hear about your loss...sounds like the shit that really matters is fine , that's the important thing.
Thoughts and prayers man.
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Glad you all are safe.
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By Bigguy
Hoping for the best for you, but you’re right, stuff can be replaced. Glad you and your family are safe!
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