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I bought a 12 ft Sorenson (like a Livingston) last year and I still haven't named it.n Here are some names that I've tossed around for it.n Hell Sledn Stormbirdn Scud Dragonn Callibaetisn andn The Family Carpstern So far none of them have stuck, right now I'm leaning towards "Scud Dragon"n WTn p.s. I also came up with "Wet Dream" but I figure that someone n might have thought of it before.
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By Nemo
S.S. Scat (We were the shit-haulers on an 18-day Grand Canyon trip.)
By Andy Scott
Happy Hooker??
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By FliesOnly
I like Grateful Drift.These names suck:Serenityn Obsessionn Happy Hoursn Miss Behavin'n Liquid Asset n Therapyn Wet Dreamn Sea Dancern Fantasean Irish Waken Seas The DayHow uncreative these jackasses are!
By Salty
Don't forget to add:College FundAlimonyTo the suck list
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By FliesOnly
Hey Salty, how is the weather in Tampa?My folks winter down in Brooksville.... Unfortunately, they are back up here when the giant tarpon show in Homosassa..... I have been redfishing with the ol man and it was pretty fun.
By Salty
Tampa is a little chilly right now, 50's are the high, 30's the low, I'm punishing myself even further by flying up to CT to see my folks for the holiday. Next time you're in town, drop me a line and we'll hit the flats
By fyshnutz
I always wanted to name a boat "Burning Sensation". Maybe someday.

meh. let them breathe cake...

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