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By coolconman
Originally posted by fyshnutz:n I always wanted to name a boat "Burning Sensation". Maybe someday.
My boat had a burning sensation once. A little penicillin cleared it up quick though.
By wabos kid
This is serious. I saw a boat in the St. Marys named "SIR OSIS OF THE RIVER"n Les
By Tytelynes
First boat was 'Summer's Eve'... sold it to some douche bag. <img border="0" alt="[king]" title="" src=[/img]raemlins/swimmingking.gif"> My name is Jack, my wife's name is Dianne so the second boat was named 'Lil Ditty'.
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By Adams
A friend in Florida told of a boat named "36 Seas", which accurately described the captain's rack. Adams
By D. Micus
once saw a houseboat named 'sin or swim'...pays to advertise, i bet...

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