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By LA Fly Guy
Way to get on those fishes before they shut down the place.
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By Mangina

Where in the world did you find that gin clear water???
You fishing Texas again? Ha ha ha
Love that LA fishery, food and fun.

Good stuff!

Thanks for sharing
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By fly-chucker
Just what the Dr. ordered :cool

Testing...testing... Is this thing on? Been so long since I've posted a report I'm not sure if I remember how. After one of the skunkiest spring/summer seasons I can remember things are finally coming together for fall. Over the past couple of weeks I've been able to spend time back where I belong.

A couple of weeks ago I got out with Ruddy Duck and the Man From Mars.

Ruddy had the hot hand
The Man from Mars and I did manage to put a few in the boat, including a fat goat

It was a mighty fine day with great company.

Fast forward 2 weeks and I made a plan to fish. Regular fishing buddies were occupied so screw it I would go at it solo. Initial plan was to get Marie dropped off at her mom's Saturday afternoon, make the long drive south, spend the night in a crappy hotel and fish Sunday. Thing worked out a little better, I was able to get Marie dropped off early and found myself launching the boat at 1pm Saturday. Made a run to a spot and started seeing fish, put a red and a big blek in the boat


Ran back in, ate a burger in a bar and watched LSU play, in bed early. Up Sunday morning and a long run to explore water I've never laid eyes on. Beautiful morning



And the only way to describe the fishing was....ridiculous. Fish everywhere, clear water, I caught till I was tired


Eye yi yi

This one felt a little naked

Fishing solo from the platform, whenever I caught a fish I would have to climb my fat ass down off my rather high and over built platform to land and release the fish, then scramble my old fat ass back up. There were times when I had quickly caught several fish in a row and was too fucking tired to climb down and up again, so I would either let fish pass, or would throw at them, tease them with the fly until they turned on it, then take the fly away from them. But then my predatory instincts would kick in and I'd start catching fish again.


I made a few moves and found lots of fish everwhere I went. Up a shallow creek I saw something big made a cast and soon briefly saw backing...and a back..


Bigger and blacker than the one on Saturday.

I caught a few more reds after that then decided I had done enough, left them biting and headed in. On the drive I did make a stop to pick up some good provisions.


I hope this bodes of more of what's to come this fall and winter. The drive home was enjoyable too, I turned on the radio and listened to the Saints beat the every living shit out of the Eagles.

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Ruddy Duck wrote: Sun Nov 18, 2018 11:19 pm "Man from Mars"

I'm dying! :cheer

Was a great day Ron.

Nice weekend. I love November.
Well “Man from M&M” wouldn’t sound as cool.
Ruddy Duck wrote: Sun Nov 18, 2018 11:19 pm "Man from Mars"

I'm dying! :cheer
I agree - that’s funny. Digital D might have a new name.

Good job Ron.
Heck yeah! Good to see you lads on some marsh donkeys. This fall season was royally fucked by the back to back hurricanes unfortunately and I suspect I won't be fishing in the surf until next June :bullshit
Hope y'all have a great Thanksgiving weekend :cool
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