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By Salmotrutta
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Now show us the pics. of sky launching those poor False Albies because you are soo damn cool.
I guess I haven't arrived. :coffee
By JoshO
Salmotrutta = Internet stalker... No surprise there I guess. :vomit

The big boys in the neighborhood won't let you play stick ball?
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By foureyedgeek
Those dudes found some creepy masks in the post-Halloween bargain bin.
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i roll on the floor with tears of you gotta be kidding me :coffee
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By Lando
I am a happy clown.
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By Mad_Mike
You have got to have better things to do with your time brother.... seriously.. the only thing ghey about this is that you wasted the time in your life to snake that photo and put it up here... thats ghey...

Never had any beef with you brother.. still don't.. but I was holding out hope that your better than this.. Guess I was wrong.. oh well.. :coffee
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By tailchaser
"you have arrived"

holy fuck, that is ghey.

WTF is a 'bandito fly fishing"?
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intriguing to say the least, wtf is bandito fly fishing? must be a fly shop that sells snot rags :coffee
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tailchaser wrote:
"you have arrived"

holy fuck, that is ghey.

WTF is a 'bandito fly fishing"?
It's simply a group of pretty damn good guys (most of whom post on the Drake OFTEN) that enjoy fishing just like most of their fellow DRAKIANS.
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By Bobwhite



Come on... you have your own thing happening.
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By slavetotheflyrod
I hate to be the one to break it to you, Salmo, but Narwahl's TR is waaaay gheyer than this shindig could have ever possibly been. Unless, of course, they had a jumpy castle and all decided to don thongs before man-wrestling in it, in which case that'd be waaay gheyer.
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