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By Bruiser
Ramcatt wrote:[report]oh yeah
i got us really lost... multiple times
88 in 65 ticket from a stateman
fell in the river
and i'm still finding empty beers tucked away in my ride :cool


Wow. Cool reports.
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By slavetotheflyrod
Nice pics yinz fags. :cool
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By blumpkin

Dead horse remix, just my way of sayin thanks!!!
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Uh... Yeah....jpg
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Just Teasin.jpg
Just Teasin.jpg (63.31 KiB) Viewed 692 times
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By shunned
mitch's doppelganger.jpg
mitch's doppelganger.jpg (107.57 KiB) Viewed 887 times
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By Mike Honcho
Dammit Blumpkin, A game of chess we must have upon our next collision. :coffee
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By nympho
Bill tried ordering a blumpkin pie after that great meal but the waitress smiled and said it was too early for thanksgiving desserts.

Thanks for the good times, boys. Sorry I missed out on Just Teasin
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killer pics, the bucks were probably on the trail of a doe. the peak of the rut is around the 3rd week of november , at least over here, and they do some seriously strange stuff as you have seen :coffee
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By West Chester
Gentleman, Ramcatt... It was a pleasure to fish with all of you.

I fished a 5th creek on Monday and blanked also...

This sucker was the only thing I could snag/catch.
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By Rich Farino

Dead horse remix, just my way of sayin thanks!!![/quote]

Where'd this come from?

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Real good Tex. Real good.

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