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By Shane
VTNZ wrote:
ak_powder_monkey wrote:Jesus christ I'm fucked up in the head aren't I?
Thats an affirmative... :coffee
Definitely fucked up in the head. But so what? You're just in the same briar patch we all had to go through to get to the river.
Slow down, pick your way through, and listen if someone is pointing out the path.

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...And, while everyone was worried that Savannah was a dude.....
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In all seriousness, AK_Powderpuff, chicks just aren't worth it. Don't waste your time - forcing it isn't going to make it easier, and neither is pining away on some internet widow's walk. I met my wife after an extended road trip to New Mexico, I hadn't showered in 3 days, I was hung over, working on drinking that away, and totally uninterested in even talking to a girl, let alone my future spouse. I just wanted a few beers, a burger, and a seat. Next thing you know, we have 2 kids, a mortgage, and I'm helping pick out fucking wall hangings for my Indian/Tibetan themed bedroom.

Wait, what was I saying? Pour a sip for me boys, I'm off to spend a grand on a mattress.
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By Bruiser
RFA, I owe you many beers. :cool
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By FlyFishNut

Sux... never been dumped. But it must feel like this.

Act like you don't give a shit about her... it's your only chance. If you chase here your done.
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ak_powder_monkey wrote:Jesus christ I'm fucked up in the head aren't I?

No, you're just in your 20's. Hang in there, heal-up, and get back to looking. In the meantime, fishing, skiing, climbing- any number of things, are an excellent distraction.
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By Warashi
Hell yeah Monkeyman, I think there ought to be a little respect on such an interesting reading. Good read by the way, that really fucks up the brain. Especially for a Dutchman who's just been to the shop. Okay, there are many stockers in this country and some (amster)damned ponds are not even that expensive...
But I’ll try to give you a reply in a fishing kind of perspective….
Maybe the elder men within the Suck don't remember how the fishing was when they were young. They allready know how it all goes and are yet familiar with the way our lives as Flyfisherman go.

It is every change of the season that my heart bleeds. Recently the seasons closed for trout. Not a decision I made, but some authority just decided it. After a certain date/period of time it would not be legal anymore to wave my stick in certain wet areas we'd like to call troutrivers in Europe. It is trout I've been catching all season and I can not imagine there is anything nicer then seeing that brown beauty rise to the fly I present her. So elegantly and beautiful she takes all my focus and attention. I would not want to miss a single day I have the chance to chase her and try to get her into my hands. Some say they would even want to be there to admire her without even catching shit. And sometimes it is true and it is better to be prepared to make the move then to stay at home and be sure you won't hook up.

But as said, the season just closed and as a flyfisherman there is something worse then not being able to catch trout. It would be even harder to sit at home and not fish at all. So it is time to prepare for a new period of time and although the trout is not out of my body yet I can not deny that urge to fish. So I take out the rod and will go to a Dutch canal, in search of some pike. Of course that first time is not comfortable and maybe I'll go home with a skunk. But as soon as I go out the next time and a pike strikes my streamer I know it for sure.

“Fuck troutfishing on those ugly German streams!” Pike is the beast. She takes the streamer like no one else and hits hard. So hard I can feel her strike through the line hand. Going straight to my heart. Makes me loose my breath for a moment when she comes around. My blood starts boiling and the trout I once so admired (merely a week ago) are totally forgotten.

I am still a young flyfisherman, compared to some of the others on the Suck, but I start to realize slowly that three months from now pike season closes. By that time everything will be adjusted to pike fishing. I will be fishing every single hour I have, looking for pike and nothing else fascinates me more then pike at that certain moment. When the season closes, I will have troubles to find my 7x tippets and that’s the way it will go year after year.

It will be time for a next period. Usually that is “going salt”, and although I still would like to be out there for pike I will have to force myself behind my tying bench, preparing clousers and toads. Cause once I am out on the flat I want to be successful on that part to. As I fly to the Caribbean I will be looking over pictures of pike, reading a magazine and still dream about that past pike season. The first day I walk out on the flat feels uncomfortable but you already get the message. As soon as I spot that first tail my world changes rapidly. Pike…. Who the fuck is she.

And so the years will go by and every time you get into something nice it will hurt to leave it behind. But year after year the flyfisher in you grows in experience. At a certain time you will know the way the seasons go. You’ll reckon the changes of the weather and know when to prepare for the last day of the season. You will also learn how to enjoy the upcoming season and it won’t hurt to much to switch. Not the way it used to be those first seasons when every time you had that bummer when a certain season ended.

It’s many years of experience that learned me the best fish will stand in the same spot again next year. Maybe it will even be the same fish, but only even better. She got more experienced too and it will take all your experience and efforts to get her onto your line once again.

I am a catch and release flyfisherman. And when I reach that single moment of perfection, where my chase and search leads me to that trophy fish, there is only one way to know if that fish is really the once in a lifetime trophy that you would like to mark as a keeper. And that is by releasing her and search for an even better one…….. It’s a chance I’ll have to take.

Oh yeah, one small detail. Just to be sure the fish you release will be remembered later, you take a few (or a lot) pictures of it. The fish in her purest beauty, in her environment, maybe just swimming away or totally undressed laying in your net. And those are the pictures most of us would like to see to understand your feelings on her……..


ps... I am convinced one day I will move to those tropics where I won't have to change seasons no more, but to find the exact fish I want to chase all my life.... Aren't most of us still searching?
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By Redfooted Mule
I too will offer advice that sounds good on paper but hard to do.

My father once said "Son, women are a different breed of animal" It took me years to really know what he was talking about. We will never understand them so quit trying. Point that horse north, move on and beat that little monkey like
a government mule.......just don't think of her while you do it. :cool
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By FlyFishNut
I think you would feel better if you posted any nakie pics of her you might have :coffee
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Damn.....I hope the Monkey isn't busy digging a hole.
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By root wad
LTD wrote:Damn.....I hope the Monkey isn't busy digging a hole.
Ground's frozen.
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By FlyFishNut
root wad wrote:
LTD wrote:Damn.....I hope the Monkey isn't busy digging a hole.
Ground's frozen.

He hasn't rented a chipper, I hope..
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By Larry S Hittem
troutsmack wrote:
SageBrush wrote:If you love her.......let her out of your Trunk.
If she loves you she will come back to you.
it's an old cliche, but true. usually when they come back, you're already banging someone else, which makes them want you even more. Then you have options, and when a man has options, he gets confidence, when he has confidence(pussy on his dick, hands, mouth), women smell it and start coming out of the woodwork. The Big "C" we used to call it. If you're not banging someone else, then a trip the Bush Co. might do the trick.
good luck

Reminds me of one the best episodes of Trailer Park Boys ever written....

Anywho...I'm sure you're going through the ringers AK, and i'm sure most guys on teh suck can relate to something like you're going through, probably each under different circumstances. (That is, if you are actually going through something? I thought you were going to end it by saying you asked her to marry you --- so help you god)
But hey man, It's funny how different you can look at things in a matter of no time, but you write it off first, and that isn't easy to do. But if it's over, it's over. If it's meant to be, it'll be one day. Or at least tell yourself that until you find a better one. :cool
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