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Pepper has been lifting her leg to piss for, oh I'd say 3 months now. Since she was 7 months old. What a bitch.
he decided to eat the tomatoes out of the garden and shit them across the carpet this morning, bless him.

by the by... it's pronounced tomatoes.

thndr: what'd you say?
mitch: checkerplate. that's checkerplate.
thndr: no, 'mate'... that's diamondplate.
mitch: how the fuck did you come up with that?
thndr: that's what it's called. diamondplate. checkerplate... heh heh.. nonsense.
mitch: no, mate... it's called checkerplate. and do you know why??
thndr: no I don't but I'm sure you're going to tell me.. why is it called checkerplate, mitch?
mitch: because that's what we've always called it.
thndr: you're an asshole, mitch.
mitch: don't kill the messenger, mate.
I believe you may have actually, at another point, while explaining to me the shortcomings of the seppo version of the common language, commented- in a most belabored way that Your people would "go on as they always had"

And I must say, I am relieved that you have all found a way to muddle on despite the rather LANE treatment your language has recieved at our philistine, boorish, and illiterate hands.

Way to keep a stiff upper lip mate.
Wait.... we're speaking canadian?
Book your flight then mate.

I'll see you next summer! It'll be half 2 safety meetings, moose in lieu of elk, oh- and maybe even a cute waitress or two to rub her tits on your ears while she pours coffee at breakfast. Just lime landoland but colder. And drearier. Lime engerland- but bigger, with less wankers and bigger fish. I'm doing my best to insure that there isn't any haunting in the camper.

I'm not expecting Rick to make it, but I'm sure he will contact me if there's a chance...
jhnnythndr wrote:Book your flight then mate.
my missus would fucking murder me.
I don't just go about booking flights willy-nilly. pffft.

fishing flight related: sign with devlyn construction monday morning. contract's solid until at least february.
and in west austria when we say we're to have something ready for february... what we mean is august.

I leave for the alps with a clear conscious and a new haircut. :cheer
Now look here, give that haircut bit a rest why dont you? Relax a bit.

Perhaps the roles wouldn't look quite right on a shaggy headed bastard though would it?

Fishing (non flight) relates:

Far from killing me- the booze hag is off getting me beer and pizza that I might test the fortitude of my intestines after these four days of agony (perhaps giarida??)

Hmmmm- perhaps she is killing me? We shall see.
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