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By Hogleg
Good shit.

Fucking Hillbilly.
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By fatman
Hogleg wrote:
Fucking Hillbilly.
that's MISTER fuckin hillbilly to you.....fuckin Mountain Trash :smile
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By Hogleg
fatman wrote:
Hogleg wrote:
Fucking Hillbilly.
.....fuckin Mountain Trash :smile
Thanks for the compliment Fatman, I try to live up to that daily.

It beats the fuck out of being down valley trash for those who don't know.

SOBF can probably attest to that -shit moves downhill (and pay day comes on Friday and don't bite your finger nails).
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By Average Joe
B.M. Barrelcooker wrote:Life has kicked me in the nuts a few times latley.
I mailed you some ointment.

USPS website tells me they (finally) delivered it to your office earlier today, though judging by the success of that hunt you probably no longer need it.

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By Bobwhite
That's the best kind of duck hunting... going out on your own place, when it's right, with people you want to share it with.

You've got it figured out, friend.
By No Idea
Nice! I haven't been out in the commonwealth yet. Spent one morning in the boothill. One lonely GW came in. There's one of them dinners for liquid corn in BG next Thursday. It's booked solid but I could get you in I believe. Orphan barrels are the subject. Let me know if you want in, I'm not speaking so I get to simply enjoy.

And I found out a lurker here is an old friend from college days who recently became infected with chucking feathers. We did a musky trip around here, I froze when one ate my fly. We landed a few nice SM. I actually thought, "shit, BM and I never did get a float in"...

Sorry about the life stuff. You did right by the hunt.

On the last upland trip I found a place that had a few pints, 107 antique. NAS but still, I'd never seen a pint before.
By chadroc
really beautiful, brett. hope the kicks ain't still smarting so much. crappie so love a chartreuse jig. some say round these parts if it ain't chartreuse it ain't no use.
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