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By Ricky Bobby
So 3m Sci Angler buys Charlton Reels from Jack- After a few years of making them 3m decides the reels can not be made in the 3M way.. (cheap to make, high quality, and high profit margin)So they drop the line because 3M thinks no one will pay 400 dollars for a reel... Check out Ebay for Charlton Reels... they are going for $800-$4,000 3x what they where selling them when 3M was making them. I spoke with someone (name withheld to protect the innocent) who spoke with 3M inquiring to buy the rights of the Charlton Reels from them and they were not even iterested in hearing an amount. They stated at this time 3M/Sci Angler is evaluating the direction of that line. So anyone think that Charltons will be up and running anytime soon. And if so maybe now is the time to dump any that you might have while the price is so FREAKING high.

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By bigtj
Anybody who has an original Charlton might just want to hang onto it. There are only so many that were ever made, the originals will always be the best/most $$. This is almost always the case with collectible reels. It's a case of very low supply coupled with a high demand. As long as people have tons of $$ to spend on fishing stuff the price of Charltons will just keep going up.
By inland
I'm not sure 3M ever made any of these reels. Yes they did service them but as I understood not one ever made it through production...because there wasn't enough profit margin available.I picked up the 8550C with Spey spool and had them, 3M, convert to left hand wind. In a 'horse trade' kind of situation. Based on the going price it looks like this was a great investment.Not to fuel much in the rumor mill...but Jack Charleton is in the decision phase of starting up again. There are proto-types in the field undergoing testing. Supposedly an improvement over his old design. That alone might kill the future price of the old reels. I plan on keeping mine anyway. But the thought of selling it 5X's what I paid is burning a hole in my pocket.William

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By Ricky Bobby
You are talking about the Beta-Proto's.... n I think anything Jack touches turns to gold. So I wouldnt be surprised if he gets out there again.
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By steelhyde
3M doesnt have anything to do with any of the products SA makes beyond the line. Everything else is made somewhere else (usually Asia) and they just stamp their fat red name on it.Just say'n...- 3M employee #011163734

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By shunned
Mastics Measurement what's the other one?...
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By Ricky Bobby
Ill pick one up if you do ever make another run at it.
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By shunned
Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing That's it. I'm lying to my kids as well.
By inland
Glista,The short answer is yes. Still working on fine tuning the mousetrap plus adding a spring-n-pawl series.William
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