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By steelrain202
Be sure to buy a jar for yer neighbor..... :cool[/quote]
I guess but I dont think she shaves shes 87 and loves her Italian mustache.[/quote]

I wuz referrin' to the ginger @ the NYE party :wink[/quote]
Ah ya that one they just moved to Ft Bragg,NC sad day indeed.
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By Woolybug25
I just read this thread. Its like with potential of nudity. I dig it. :cool
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By jhnnythndr
Good morning gang! Lando had some business that required his attention bout of town, he will be missed these next couple days but fear not- we have quite the surprise for you guys today!  The LandoThndr home spamming network was able to get teh sucks own Blumpkin to stand in as guest host of today's program. As this luminary figure needs no introduction I'll cut right to the chase. 

Ever have that critical moment on a date when you know- I mean positively know that she's gonna give it up, and do so in glorious fashion?  Maybe you've been trying to bed this chick for months, maybe you just met her and it all fell into place. Maybe it's all you've been thinking about since you turned 13 but you were a fucking loser and she was fucking all the seniors, and as you watched her skank powers develop you swore one day you were gonna have a turn. 

And tonights the night!

Or is it?  What's that itching burning sensation?? Are those speed bumps down there? No not your hemorrhoids you dolt- down there on your Dugan?  What the fuck. Not now- not tonight!  

I know friends I know. It was a mistake. You shouldve listened to uncle jhnny and washed your dick off with listerine after you banged that girl in the bathroom of the velvet Elvis lounge. But you didn't. Well maybe there's still hope. And here now to illuminate us with a few glowing rays of hope- the one and only b. Lumpkin   

Alright blump- what's the skinny here? Show us the deal my man. 
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By blumpkin
Thrilled to be a part of the Lando shopping network jhnny...

It does'nt have to be this way my friend, one out of five people in this great nation have genital herpes...
do the math that means if April V. West Chester, ficklejunkie, Rusty Hook and myself were stuck in a lifeboat...
One of us would be suffering from embarrassing breakouts...

But there is hope my friend, there is hope...
Doctors pick up STD's too and they have directed a lot of time and energy into this incredible product...
It is called VALTREX, and it is amazing my friends...
As a former Marine I have seen the magic this product can work first hand
Over and over again...

Here is the Link.
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By jhnnythndr
But Blumpkin- what about the prescription? Dont I have to see a doctor? I have no monies because I spend it all on flyrods and games like doodle jump from the app store. Will they be able to give me this at the "free clinic".
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By blumpkin
You are preaching to the choir jhnny...
Those Scott fly rods really lay it down
They also lighten your walllet.

Thats why Mexico has a border zone jhnny...
Tijuana, Nogales... All dangerous as fuck right now...
But every border zone town in Mexico I've ever been whore chasing in
has whats called a pharmacia...
No Rx necessary and you have the opportunity to haggle with the dolt at the counter...
I have a Spanish vocabulary of about 15 words and I have purchased
all forms of goods and services down there...

Here is a helpfull link, plus a link for the travel advisory for the border zone... ... rmacy.html ... _4755.html
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By blumpkin
I am sure the "free clinic" has seen their fair share of herpes over the years...

Just got off the phone with the good folks at the Anchorage free clinic Jhnny
they knew you by name
said you stole a cannister of liquid nitrogen a few months back
for some DIY dugan wart removal
and that you are personna non grata over there...

Might be time for a Baja trip for you...
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By jhnnythndr
Rooster fish here I come!!!
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blumpkin wrote:Here is the Link.

Those Valtrex people on the commercials always look really happen and active... Lots of hiking, biking and outdoor activities with smiles all around :coffee
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By Woolybug25
blumpkin wrote:do the math that means if April V. West Chester, ficklejunkie, Rusty Hook and myself were stuck in a lifeboat...
One of us would be suffering from embarrassing breakouts...
I'm guessing that with that group... you would all have embarrassing breakouts by the time you were rescued. :cool
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