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By Mutha Pucka
Hey Charleston fellers...I'll be in the Charleston Place all weekend for SEWE standing by my pictures, come on by and entertain me for 5 minutes...its fun, but its long!
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By jerms
Wish I could make it, but I won't be back in town for a few more weeks.
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By Mad_Mike
Well I done talked to ya.. but I'll come by and hollar at ya if I can break from my tent..

I'll be over at Brittle bank park all day on saturday, so if'n you get out of your cell for a minute come hollar at us..

And give a brotha a shout, we need to grab a beer or two while your over here..
By thalweg
Mike, you should have sage's rod and the book by fri. :cool
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By The Volfish
I saw one of the South Carolina contingent's rides earlier this week.

They dont appear to take shit off anyone.



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By deerfly
wow, great shots. :cool that is one bad ass flying machine.
By beavertail poler
Paul I was just talking to the wife about heading into the insanity on Saturday. PM me your cell and I'll certainly bring my brood by. Tide looks good for sun pm btw...........
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