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By Big Oil
Alright...I went ahead and took all of the video I had, and the video Mangina gave me, from our 2009, 2010 and 2011 Belize outings. Put it all together and came up with this. I know it is probably too long (18 minutes), but it is for the guys who went, and I wanted to make sure I got all of the Permit footage into this "Short Film". However, if you are on the Drake forums, you certainly have 18 minutes to spare...

I need to teach Mangina how to "frame the action" a little better. That's right I am calling you out...I also will be investing in some better cameras and equipment. All of this was shot on a small handheld 1080i camera, or a Digital SLR that also shoots 720p video. I am going all in for some 1080p gear!!

While I am no RA Beattie or Will Benson...I have been having as much fun filming my fishing friends as I have had fishing the last couple of times out. Guess I need to take care or I will forget why I am out there...

Grand Slam

Hope you guys enjoy it!!!
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By Yagerbomb
Holy cow! The only thing greener than that water and countryside is my ENVY. Thanks for posting that...took a little sting out of another mid_February snow storm. :cool
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By woolly bugger
any gratuitous nudity??

jis askin' before i committee to 18 minute...
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By Big Oil
woolly bugger wrote:any gratuitous nudity??

jis askin' before i committee to 18 minute...
Sorry bugger...just fish porn.
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By Plow
Worried all the way thought that the last bit of Belizean back-side might show up somewhere. Thankfuly not. Good stuff :cool
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By jdub
Great movie man. Nice footage of the fish, casts, locale, and, of course, Jet. Watching that just makes me jones to get back down there again.
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By steelrain202
My 6yr old fish crazed daughter and I loved it.
By get er done
big oil I live your 18 minutes of my day today.
whatcha tying?

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