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Just got an email from my Mom. I have a Great Uncle who designed some way to refine oil in his younger know the flame you see when you drive by a refinery? Well, I think he's the dude that designed that. Well, at any rate, the guy never married, has no kids. He is 77 or so, and asked my Mom about her son in Colorado who fly fishes. Turns out he has all this fly gear he is going to give me, including a fly rod building kit, a Penn International 1.5 Reel, and other stuff....I honestly have no idea what he is going to send out. I am the only person he knows who fly I get it all.

My question is - anyone know about Penn Fly Reels? I know they haven't made them since 2002, and google only provided some sporadic information.....he used it for inshore salt - 6 to 8 weight, and it looks brand new......any advice/opinions?

Here's a pic the guy sent me:
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Don't know about the fly reels, but if they are half as good as they salt-water deep sea stuff, it'll be bullet-proof.
send it to me. I'll check it out and let know how it fishes.
Those 9" seatrout you hope to one day catch will not be able to take you into the backing with that thing.

Give you $100 for it.
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Jagoffs was definitely the right title for this thread. Out of the 4 "real" friends and the Drake post, 5 people have commented on the color of the fucking pouch. It is light maroon!

no that I give a's free, and, from what I've read, it is bombproof.
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They're kinda like the Butterbean of fly-reels..... Extreamly overweight but pack a punch...

I wouldn't want one, but for the limited salty stuff you do, it will be just fine...

mad-mike hit it spot on. I would like to have one but then I am a complete gear junkie so I want at least one of everything. They are a standard arbor spool for what that's worth.
That gear will work fine for wipers, pike, and tiger muskie too, not that we have any of that.
As far as Penn goes, it's good, solid equipment, better than most of my reels anyway.
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