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By shunned
says another fucking failure.
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By Woolybug25
Salmotrutta wrote:Intro posts are so nice, but grading them is so 2008. :coffee
You are so 2008.
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By ditchdoc
I didn't see anything else 'cept those perfect breasts on that first ginger. Like Midstream...I bet she has a happy butt.
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By Ajax
I'd call him 'in' based on the meat pie & toe alone. But it's late winter, and I'm pretty easy right now. BTW, I use spinning tackle to pitch spoons for Lakers & Salmon off river mouths. I've used a flyrod and big streamers a time or two, and it was a fucking chore. So when I want to catch fish, I break out a 9' Loomis rod & a Shimano Stradic reel that combine to toss a 1/4 oz Cleo a country mile. I need distance, not a purist certificate to hang on my wall.
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By canook
Our soft water season is way too short for snobbery. Best case scenario - another six weeks before we can wet a line (stocked trout waters only). Realistically, probably eight or nine weeks. Wide-open season begins mid-May.
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By Streamer
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