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By jerms
[report]Upon my return from NZ I discovered that my wife had rounded up some of our friends to help with getting my "man room" in order. Up until now it had been a mess, just an unfinished room with 3 tons of junk in it. The room was a veritable storage unit and I had been terribly lazy in letting it get that way.

Some fresh paint, furniture, etc went a long way. I think I'll keep her... :Roll Eyes



everything in it's place and organized...


I was told I had to pick out a couch and it goes under the gator hide


a few of my geetars



and there was this...


This painting was a gift from my mom this Christmas, she said it reminded her of all the places I point out that I like to chase tailing reds. It's no Bob White, but it will do for now...




There's still a lot in store, but it's well on its way![/report]
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thats a really nice gift to walk back into .
semper fi :coffee
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By Lenny
Thats nice.

When I get back from vacation all I get are cold shoulder and hot tongue.
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By shunned
my missus does that for me maybe once a month (sans paint).
I give the cleanliness a fortnight.

I bet it's good to be home, mate.
rapt you made it out alive.

:cool :cool :cool

ps. I see now where my gator fly wallet ended up. such is life.
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By castingoutloud
I saw a tv show like that once.
Real nice Germs.
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By deerfly
looks like museum compared to my cave. :cool
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By Carolina_Fly
Welcome home Jerms. Not a bad suprise to come home to huh? You got a keeper for sure. :cool

All the best,

By Truchero

1) Nice cave.

2) Your mother is quite talented.

3) Cool guitars.

4) Thank you for your service.

5) Your wife could do this for a living. Mine'd likely give her a couple of grand to duplicate her efforts towards the clump of shit I call my cave.
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By Gremlin
pretty fricken awesome (and thanks for serving) :cool
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By The_Fuk
You sir are one lucky SOB, I mean that in a good way. Keep her, she is well worth it. When I was married and the last time I came home from a long fishing trip it was to the words "I want a divorce". Turns out to have been some of the sweetest words I ever heard.

Thanks for your service. :cool


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