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Get ready...wait for it..
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By steelrain202
Do you professionally edit home movies? I have this great movie of me and your wife, but it needs to be cleaned up a bit.
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By steelrain202
so i am guessing you wont be able to clean up that money shot with your wifes face in it?
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By Mr. Don
I have issues catching fish. Do you suppose you could photochop or CGI some fish into a video for me? That would be awesome.

35% off is awesome too.

This is going to get a great big warm Drake welcome. Stand by.
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By SouthFork
Ken seems to have a ambiance of Johnny for some reason. Think AK Cabin Feaver has set in.
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Hi, I'm Ken Pat Patterson, President and CEO of Ken Pat Patterson Promotional Productions Emporium and Warehouse, and thanks to a shipping error, I am currently overstocked on Pat Patterson Promotional Productions Merchandise, and I am passing on the savings to YOOUOUOUOUOOUOU!!!!

So come on down to Ken Pat Patterson Promotional Productions Emporium and Warehouse in Piscattany, PA!!!!!
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By BearsFan

You catch the Always Sunny in Philly where they get one of those for their boat?
By thalweg
[quote="Ken Pat Patterson"]YOUR 15 MINUTES OF FAME! Hi, Ken "Pat" Patterson here of Patterson Productions. Ever wanted to have that special trip filmed for forever memories? WE GOT YOU COVERED!

With offices in Ogden and Salt Lake, UT, offices opening up this spring in Cody, WY and Golden, CO, we have the upper Rocky Region covered and can be to you in a day or less!

We won't bore you with the details, but if you've always wanted to have a professionaly edited video of your special trip, TV SHOW quality, send me a PM

It doesn't cost as much as you think plus, GET YOUR 15 MINUTES OF FAME!

Tight Lines,


Pat Patterson? ha ha aha! I film my own stunts pat.

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