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Wasn't it enough to SPAM the website? You had to send me a PM too?

I've revised my opinion--you're probably not a swell guy in person.

Seriously--go away and don't contact me again. I think your 15 minutes of fame at the Drake lapsed a few days ago.



Sent: 13 Mar 2011 06:36
From: Cody_Wyo
To: KP

Hello Drake member! I'm Ken Patterson and my Co. offers a fantastic service. Ever wanted that dream hunting or fishing trip filmed, just like the TV shows? We offer just that service. With offices in Ogden and SLC (coming to Cody WY soon), we are within a days drive of YOU. Send us a message and lets get that hunt or fishing trip filmed for your 15 MINUTES OF FAME"
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By jhnnythndr
SouthFork wrote:Ken seems to have a ambiance of Johnny for some reason. Think AK Cabin Feaver has set in.
No no no. I offer professional grade iPhone movies- exclusively. And I would never offer 35% off. You want Thndr productions- you pay through the nose. Oh and by the way rainmaker- we specialize in those movies...

My buddy asked me to film him and his wife. She and I ha hooked up a couple times prior to them getting married- so I was like sure- I'll do it. Anyway. They're fucking, and I'm moving around getting some good angles- and then I reach down and start tweaking robin's nipple. Homeboy sees this and just keeps humping. So I pull out my dick and she starts sucking it- at which point he flips out. I was line shit man- sorry. I thought you were down with this... I never hung out with her again, but me and Will were cool again a week later.
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By Ajax
[url=]Dear Ken......[/url]
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By Row vs. Wade
I'm confused . . . Is this on vimeo or youtube? I like vimeo better, but you can post the youtubes better on message boards.

Also are you on facebook? I found a Ken Patterson and a Pat Patterson, but no Ken Pat.

whack 'em and stack 'em,

Hey Ken er Pat er WTF, I'm game! Big trip planned, but you're gonna have to provide some hot fluffer if you want me to do your ole lady again.

jis sayin'
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By Spudnik
I fluff. PM for detes. Fucking economy...
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By CarpeTructa
From the bio page that SouthFork posted:

"Ken Patterson is the quintessential child of the 60s. From his childhood friendship with 60s counter culture icon Vito Paulekas to his continuing fight for universal peace and freedom he remains totally freaked out" ---- James Roberts, Esq., long time friend and biographer.

Groovy bio, man, like really far out. CarpeTruct, Esq. (Now please tell your wife to stop calling me.)

[Thunder - funny story. Did they at least make a copy of the video for you?] :cool
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By Stovetop
Pat Patterson? ha ha aha! I film my own stunts pat.


^^^^^^^My sphencter. has yet. to unpucker.

I'm looking for a good 15 minutes of infamy. PM sent, KKKKKKen
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