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By heathen
Meatwad wrote:
Ron Cass wrote:the treatment of a very well respected flytyer, David Martin, pretty much said it all for the regulars on this forum. David is a great guy and a great flytyer and can count many, many of the sports' leaders as colleagues and friends.

I dont know Mr. Martin personally, some of my friends though, do, but know of his fine work and his fine reputation. That thread pretty much showed the world what a pathetic bunch of losers inhabit this forum

I am not sure that the higher ups at Drake Magazine go for all of this, but since they let you morons keep posting your filth and hatred, well, I guess they don't care.

Time for some, if not all of you to get real jobs. Its obvious that you guys really dig other 'guys', don't do well with the ladies and I'm sure your boss, that is if your employed, has been looking for a reason to put you to the curb.

I have to imagine that many of you are FFM forum flunkeys, since you couldn't make it over 'there', you have commenced squatting on this site. Thats sad, as FFM now sucks big time, Old Lady Flyfisher at FAOL is a loud mouth nobody and the other end of the spectrum, the 'other' losers at FFM are now at the GOTC. You've ruined this site, and thats a shame.

Ron Cass OUT
whatever, Dad

Fuck Meatwad you have to give fair warning on that shit! LMAO funniest thing Ive seen in days, whole house was watching me roll. :cool
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By deerfly
seriously, I saw that pic in this thread first thing this morning and immediately thought troll further baiting us on. I didn't and still don't think for a minute the guy in the pic is the guy posting. If it turns out to be a real noob running the gauntlet I'll gladly apologize, assuming he was insulted by that comment.

I actually used to work with a guy that had a mangled right hand and we did in fact nick name him Beethoven, he thought it was hilarious of course, and that was the inspiration for that comment. I couldn't have come up with that out of thin air. Otherwise I was trying to insult the troll...

I've had shitstorm of week on all fronts too anyway, so the lambasting from lando is par for the course...
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By jhnnythndr
Well dude if he's making an ass of me and Lando- well youll get a good laugh. But if he ain't... The. The precedent has been established and I say all fucking noobs must hijack a troll to earn there seat at the table
By Ron Cass
From here on out, I'm laying down, let's say a NEW WORLD ORDER. None of this newbie bashing is going to be tolerated. If you can't act like an adult, then I'll see to it that your life will be miserable.

I'm not going away so you need to get used to it, homies. Consider me the start of something new, here. Slowly, this board will be taken over by kinder and gentler spirits, slowly pushing out the adolescent trash now residing here.

The battle will be long and hard but YOU will eventually be axed from this place, mark my words

Ron Cass OUT
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By unskunkable
The only thing long and hard Ron is the dicks that will be ass-raping you into submission. You've already lost you just don't know it douchebag.
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By steelrain202
holy hell Ron you're a whiny BITCH!
By Ron Cass
unskunkable wrote:The only thing long and hard Ron is the dicks that will be ass-raping you into submission. You've already lost you just don't know it douchebag.
unskunkable, I'll break you of your douchebaggery sooner then later. You're on the "list" and there will be consequences for you, my favorite little derelict

Ron Cass OUT
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By Lando
You keep saying Ron Case OUT but you keep coming back. It reminded me of the scene from Princess Bride.
By Ron Cass
Lando wrote:You keep saying Ron Case OUT but you keep coming back. It reminded me of the scene from Princess Bride.

Princess Bride? It frightens me that a grown man would be watching something like that. I can envision devious things into the situation you've put yourself into.

You are a 'grown' man, right?

Ron Cass OUT
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By Lando
Please take that dick out of your mouth so I can understand what the hell you are saying.
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By jhnnythndr
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By Cary
Cass, you need to get Ken Pat Kenderson to film you performing the defacating cannonball manouver (now to be known as the Cass Manouver). Do that, and I wont type "fuck" anymore, and I'll trade my P adams for wasps superglued onto scud hooks.

k? k.
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