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By BigTimber
oh snap! i hope this is a sign of the upcoming fishing! fucking A!!!!
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So stoked for you Don, way to go!
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By Cary
Shit Don thats huge. Fantastic!
By get er done
ok fellas I won't tell Don how I really feel as it would be long winded beyond belief................I always give him shit about being this transient trout noodler from the mid-west which is in good fun and he knows it.

I can't begin to tell you guys how difficult this tournament is to win. It is really a big deal down here among the guys that fly-fish regularly. To say you have WON will never leave you....................others will not forget.

The fleet of contenders this year:

2011 March Merkin Anglers

Angler Guide
1 Bill Ackourey Luke Kelly
2 Jonathan Ain Doug Kilpatrick
3 Douglas Behrman Kevin Guerin
4 Michael Beltz Jimi McKillip
5 Jim Bouma Greg Poland
6 Chris Buckley Bryan Holeman
7 David Dalu Scott Collins
8 Jay Daly Gabe Nyblad
9 Mike Dawes Don Gable
10 Thomas Del Bosque Emel Smith
11 Jim Hickey Drew Delashmit
12 Richard Hirsch Scott Irvine
13 Mark Hoskin Bob Paulson
14 Edward Kaplan Mike Gorton
15 John Kazanjian Robert Trosset
16 Jim Knowles Peter Heydon
17 Tom Levandoski Chris McCreedy
18 Nathaniel Linville Aaren Snell
19 David Morrissey Tom Kokenge
20 Loren Rea Steve Friedman
21 Alan Rivoir Mike O’Brien
22 Christian Ryan Mike Bartlett
23 Peter Schneirla Andy Thompson
24 Joe Skrumbellos Matt Fitzgerald
25 Mike Ward Justin Rea
26 Stephen Ward Paul Tejer

Well buddy you did it. Could not have happened to a nicer guy who put in his time to win this thing...................

May the rest of your season be as good as the last few days :cool

Congrats again.................hope to see you soon enough
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By Woolybug25
Now I see why you haven't returned my pm, Don.... you were busy winning on of the biggest Permit tournaments in the world.

Badass dude, couldn't happen to a better dude! :cool
By Maniac
I hear permit are very hard to catch, & I wonder what those guys think of the NC Fly-Fishing Team or the pellet-head tournaments they have up here?

This sounds much more like a fair contest, but I've never been to either so I'm asking... hehe, is this comparing apples to oranges? apples to....say, meatloaf?
By Articulated Trico
All I can say is WOW!
It couldn't happen to a better guy or a better guide!
I knew you had it in you!
Now I'm glad we didn't catch any of your permit!
By JoshO
F'k LTD's 2011 rates just went up!

Congrats buddy :cool
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By Yagerbomb
Oh hell yes! Abel nips all around!

Congrats! :cheer
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