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By NeedmoreDEET
So what's the story here?
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By woolly bugger
Napa sheep slaughter solved: Culprits were cougars

Six dead lambs were found scattered among leaves and brush in the woodlands of Napa County's Mount Veeder area, some half-buried and others just lying there after being dragged from the adjacent vineyard.

It was a massacre - in all, nine specially bred sheep had been killed, and some of them had been eaten - but the carnage was not the work of bloodthirsty humans as sheriff's investigators and the sheepherder had believed.

It was marauding mountain lions that killed the sheep, officials with the U.S. Department of Agriculture said Thursday.

Read more: ... z1IEXPBwdD
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Those look like African lions.
Plow wrote:I found the trash bag in a stripping basket a bit odd.
I think the bigger questions is why some people use a trash can for a stripping basket? I think they could charge a lot more for it if they called it a stripping basket. :coffee
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By TX.
They do....
It's a hundred and eighty four bucks.
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By SouthFork
Those aren't mountain lions, those are African Lions. Bit of a difference between the two. Mostly size and the ability to rip your head off or take down a full size giraffe.
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By BearsFan
Note strategic location of tp. I don't think that is a trash bag.
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By FlyFishNut
I'm guessing the trash bag shitter keeps the guy taking a shit from having to venture far from camp, less he be eaten by a Lion. AND, I'm guessing these dopes didn't know the Lions were there til the flash went off and exposed them.

Am I right?

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