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By woolly bugger


great lookin water, sorry bout the pooch
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By FlyFishNut
Come on in... nice pics and the place with the rock ledge over the stream :cool
By midstream
Well played sir, except, well you know. Enter.
By Truchero
Plenty good. No sense in carrying on about the Cutt.

Nice pics of nice water.

Welcome aboard. :cool :cool
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#388083 problem on the cutt...these guys outside of the area don't know that they are thick as theives up here. They're also starting the planning of shocking the shit out of some much larger riversheds here and reintroducing them on a large scale (Upper Poudre for one). I have friends in the Fisheries Department who have the inside scoop, yo - say goodbye to the browns and rainbows in your favorite high elevation streams.

Jam a hook through it's mouth, and stress the fuck out of it by landing it = ok. Get some frozen water on it = bad? Not sure I get that. Those greenies will be in every stream above 8,000' in another 20 years. Pussies, they are so thick on the North end of the Park that you could walk across them during spawning season.....and catch them with your hands:
Spawner7.jpg (167.09 KiB) Viewed 609 times
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By slavetotheflyrod
A bit short on ginger, but otherwise solid work in every other regard.

Come on in and bar the door behind ya.
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By DeShootnestGent'man
Easy Skankin wrote:
Fontinalis wrote:Nice pics, but prepare yourself to catch shit for the cuttie covered in ice
Thats a nice shot actually newb

Welcome, now bring me an 18 of keystones, pack of cigs, and be quiet :cool

How would Patrick feel about the Denver video?



And noob, whoever you are, thank you.
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By SouthFork
Way to post a Solid Intro, Lurkers take Note.
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By Oldog
Have a seat.

Do not lose sleep over trying to save you friend. If you have the means your heart tells you you owe it to him and to the family.


Even in the post surgery pic, he is content enough because he knows he is loved and glad to be with you.

Be thankful for the days together and that he isn't fighting it anymore.


Hope to see pics of a new guy soon.

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By tailchaser
sorry about your dog. that was a awesome looking pooch, fo sho.

good intro too.

seems like the snow is a great way to keep beer cold and fish fresh.
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By Lurgee
You done good. Welcome.
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