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By Willi
Lurgee wrote:Really nice Willi-I saw the same thing the night before last down on my river.

When are we going to get to see your Bahama's report? I'm fully expecting to see a picture of a marlin you landed on a 6wt while fishing the flats off of the beach....probably ate a sparkle dun too.

When I get my photos back from my friend. On the last day, instead of copying my photos to his laptop, he moved them. I got home and no photos on my camera! He's sending me a CD. It was one of my best trips ever.

By Kylemc
Very nice! I look foward to the salt report.
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By Walter
sweet looking trout! Real purdy
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By Transylwader
Those bows are colored up nicely! Good shit man :cool
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By fatman
Nice; those are some well-fed fishes

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