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By blumpkin
The rubber leg double Tg BH Prince nymph sounds more suitable for Permit
Don't be a pussy Lando, be the first kid on your block to fish Belize
exclusively with prince nymphs, and boo, from a kayak
you will even have that pesky bearsfan character beat.
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By Lando
Maybe I should post an ad for a Sherpa in the assified.

Hannah. Wow, by far the hottest palindrome.


Double T Prince Bone nymph.
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By Lando
Maybe not.
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By jhnnythndr
I guarantee, and this is my personal guarantee, that you will see cuda success if you fish the Adams gurgler. I'll have to take picks tonight for you...

Permit and bones both like the 2xTgBHRL prince, especially if tied with other colors of dubbing instead of pcock herl.

It just works. Like the Adams.
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By Easy Skankin
Lando, your engrish skills is good. I had to consult google for the word palindrome, well played. That ole lizard JT cant spell worth a lick...

Hey, whats up blumpkin!
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By jhnnythndr
Ah hell man. I can spell but my phone is always using the wrong word. It's crazy. Hey do you think that you could get bonefish to eat a prince nymph by tweaking the colors?
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By blumpkin
It's all good in the hood skank. :cool
I actually correct my spelling errors
because jt owns misspelled words.

I would love to know how many people
are wasting their time thinking
that prince nymphs are too dark for the flats.

Everybody knows gold ribbed hares ear's are where it's at.
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By jhnnythndr
I onlyown lime. Most of the others are still avaiable. I think of all that trout flues the Wolly bugger has the brightest future on the flats. I'm really wanting Lando to flatsify a couple goto patterns and connect with em down sur
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By Lando
Adams, prince, hare's ear, and a wb.

For the flats.


The trips have a play tonight and I will see if I can twist some up after. I am thinking bead chain eyes so that they ride hook up, the double T may have to stay out West.

So how big of a kid should I be looking for? 60 lbs.? Just look for big hands? Should they be quick but fearless?

Man, I thought I was ready, but I guess I'm not.

Also, does anyone know if I can get some kinnikinnik in Belize, or should I try to bring my own?
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By foureyedgeek
I really, honestly appreciate the fact that the initially inane is being taken over with the awesomeness that was spurned in the classifieds.

I really, honestly appreciate the fact that the initially inane is being taken over with the awesomeness that was spurned in the classifieds.
Some of the best hijacks have occurred in the classifieds....until today....hare's ears for bones?? really.....I always thought a McGinty was the go to when chasing bones.....
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By foureyedgeek
I've not fished for bones (YET.) but to me a green weenie just sounds about right.
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