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By Willi
[report]The trip started off with a friend inviting me on a 4 night/3 day trip for Bonefish for some outrageous amount of money. I told him we could fish for a couple weeks for less than that and the search began. We ended up on the same island, but instead of staying at a lodge, we spent 2 weeks at rented a house on the beach. We contracted with an independent guide for half the days and fished on our own the rest of the time exploring what we could reach with our rental car. Turned out we did things right - it was one of my best trips ever. The fishing was great!!! Caught my biggest Bone (guide said 9 pounds but ..........) and lots of them. HUGE flats that literally went on as far as you could see. Beautiful, wild place. The fishing we could have gotten at a lodge but what made the trip special were the things that we would have missed if we did the lodge thing.

drinkin' beer and playin' pool with the locals at a table with half the felt missing

"Gonna go and catch a pray"

getting hustled

going to a fish fry and conversing for 15 minutes with a drunken man not understanding a word he was saying

eating at "restaurants" where we needed to order ahead of time or wait for "hours" to get our food because everything was made from scratch

having a young woman chase after our car after I left my wallet in the "convenience store"

having our neighbor come by and give us a 10 pound Snapper he had speared that morning

"I like your shoes, can I have them?"

beaches where we could literally walk for hours without seeing another person

Our Digs


Our Front Yard - a crowded beach


A typical flat during low tide

Some fish

Our artist neighbor who gave us the Snapper

A Pine forest fire that looked like a bomb had been dropped

A restaurant

The fancy restaurant

The "connection" man

For Woolybug25


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By stripstrike
Fuck. Thanks a lot.
It has been either snowing or raining where I live for the past 9 months straight.
I either need a trip like this or a bullet in my brain.
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Awesome in so many ways. Love the sign in front of the house! Please pm the details of which island has big rainbows swimming with bones!! :smile :Roll Eyes :cool
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By blumpkin
Great trip man, liked your write up a lot...
Love the artists Mahi painting. :cool
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By Woolybug25
What Willi failed to tell all of you is that all of the bonefish were caught in the parking lot of the airport. It rained that day and Willi didn't want to wait for the cab.

Good stuff, Willi! Was the rainbow caught on a dry fly too?... or only the bonefish? :cool
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By BaggerMcGuirk
NIce TR Willi,
I bet the "connection guy" could get ya anything.

How did you cook the snapper?

:cool :cool :cool
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By FredA
That is exactly how I would want to do it... just gotta convince the wife. Ha!

Great stuff Willi! :cool
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By Walter
right on!
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By upthepoudre
Damn Willi, that looks awesome. And all this time I thought you never left town... :cool
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By Hogleg
Hell yeah Willi, that looks awesome! Sweet TR, I needed a little tropical love today, thanks. :cool
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By gill raker
Top shelf shit right there......good job and thanks for the TR!
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