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By unskunkable
SouthFork wrote:Congrats. :cool

Send me some free swag and I will promote your shop....... :cheer
Hook me up with a free trip and I'll promote your guide service. :Roll Eyes :Roll Eyes
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By TX.
From the three, five, ten dudes I know that work (ed) at Orvis, make sure you bulk up on meds and booze the day after Christmas, most of that money the store made pre-Christmas is coming back...and worse than that, all the mail order shit that is returned to YOUR store will show on your store's P&L, as a loss to your store (except for the dog nests of course).
Mangina and Potlicker, PM the man and give him a heads up on the goods and the bads of being an Orvis manager.
I do know they have some kick ass corporate meeting locals though.

Shit I think potlicker's been with them since before plastic rods were even invented.

Good luck, man. :cool
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a dog hammock? :coffee
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does he have a dog hammock?
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By TX.
#394664 wrote:does he have a dog hammock?
He IS a dog hammock.
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By vaku
#394670 wrote:a dog hammock? :coffee
it is to protect the seats of the truck. leather seats and muddy dog paws do not make momma happy and if momma aint happy, well, no one is happy.

I like loco's hammock and what's in it better!

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By MTgrayling
and Orvis swallows another member. The beast must be stopped!

I'm much more concerned that your ass will be stuck in Pasadena rather than you working for our new overlords. That's gotta suck.
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By Ramcatt
i sold out last week.... don't worry... its fun
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