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By Jackie Treehorn
Coming across the wire right now...(edited) killed Sunday,fuckers on the news jumped the gun
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By Woolybug25

Prez will be on to confirm here shortly. :cool

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By Aguirre
Sayonara cocksucker. Burn in hell. Christian hell... :coffee
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By BaggerMcGuirk
Ah, did a "Hellfire" find it's home on his dome?

Too bad. Fuk you basterd.......

:cool :cool :cool :gun
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By Aguirre
[quote="Woolybug25"]AMERICA... FUCK YEAH!!!

Prez will be on to confirm here shortly. :cool


Wow, missed that first time through. Holy shit that's funny as fuck.
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By tailchaser
I hope he had a slow and painful death...

may rot in hell...

I wonder how he feels right now? You know, he just found out he ain't getting forty virgins. I bet he's pissed.
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God bless the troops who have hunted and died hunting for this bastard.

I cant believe it took 10 years but we got the fucker. :cheer :cheer :cheer
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By Cmdr Taco
He'll be surprised, I already fucked his 72 virgins. Rest in tumoil, cocksucker!!!!! :bomb
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By Aguirre
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