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By Highsticken
Sorry if I spelled any denomanations wrong.n What do you practice? Or not practice.
By Highsticken
Im RC, Not that It matters, but its interesting(to me at least) to see where we all come from and where we think we are going.n Thanks
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By Ty Webb
I think I might be Prodistant n or Babtist, but can't be sure...
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By Rusty Hook
I like the FSM game. Leave the music on. It's a catchy tune. :confused:
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By dunk
I've recently changed denominations. I left Landover Baptist and now attend services at Beer Church regularly.
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By $tatutory Rap
Its all about the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

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By mattgmann
miracle sighting[url=][/url]
By evilmonkey50
I'm on the Red Road, but not very far along.
By Geezer
I gave up. Like most everything else in life that i have encountered, it's got people in it.
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