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been speaking that way my entire life, but then mix in words and phrases from all the places ive lived and the ppl ive interacted with and bam you cant understand a damn thing i say
franzen wrote:A Union County social worker was one of two adults charged with intentional child abuse Friday after deputies found a child handcuffed to a porch with a dead chicken around his neck.

Read more here: ... rylink=cpy
wards off evil spirits, duh.
Man accused of attacking Dobson attorney with pick ax
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This is a peach of a thread and well worth reading from the start if it's new-to-you. I particularly liked the video on hillbilly vocabulary. There are some great people down that way, with my Nanna's relatives still living in the hollows around Johnson City. Many of these families trace their roots to the Watauga settlements of 1772. Eight generations later, still not going anywhere.

Anyone interested in reading the history of the Scots-Irish in America, take a look at James Webb's Born Fighting. Turns out that those rednecks, Okies, Blue Collar-types everyone likes to make fun of are also the ones who have disproportionately fought for America, too. Today they continue to constitute a large part of the military, esp. those in front line roles.

Malcolm Gladwell touches upon the culture of honor that defines the Southern Man in Outliers, with specific reference to Harlan County and other blood feuds.

* * * * *

Of course, that's not denying the humor potential that's so evident in this thread. That corn likker makes people do crazy-assed shit. :smile
i worked under a certain marine colonel from Alabama. his great grandfather was a confederate officer of the same rank.
that dude would get himself so fukn pissed off he could hover. all 5 foot tall of him. of joke. fond memories. then he would remind everyone within earshot how his g.grandpop wouldn't put up with any shit either, right out of a movie, only thing missing was a white horse parked outside. southernese to the max.
#624514 ... zza-rolls/

Why is this a crime? I could understand criminal charges if they were Hot Pockets, but pizza rolls, come on.
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