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By peetso
[report][u][b]Day 7[/b][/u]

I can see now that my hopes for long days on the water are nothing but a pipe dream.


There's always somewhere to go. Something to do. Someone to visit.

So I'll just have to enjoy the moments I do get.

They will be mostly mornings. Before the water warms up and the fish turn on.


But with beautifully colored, wonderfully spotted Rainbows like these taking dries.

Mornings will be plenty.[/report]
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By Lurgee
I'm a day behind...but dug the Real Estate, been listening to them a bunch lately.

The good continues.
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By shunned
Lurgee wrote:I'm a day behind...
finally... someone gets it.

hurry up and get to the part when the inlaws say all you're concerned about is bloody fishing.
no wait... that's me.

Keep it coming, brother. (meaning when can I come on up since we're family and all?)
[report][u][b]Day 8[/b][/u]

Snuck out for a couple hours in the morning before having to go to a wedding.




Caught this beautiful fish. The colors on this fish were stunning. In this river when the Rainbows are sparsley spotted they usually end up being mostly silver. Not this one.


Wish I took some better pics of this fish. Pics don't really do it justice anyway.



My old lady was a bridesmaid, so I ended up going solo for most of the night. So I did what I usually do in awkward social situations where I don't know anyone.

I started drinking.

By the end of the night I was hammered drunk and best friends with everyone there. Or at least thought I was.

Turns out one of the best men is from Casper and guides down on the Platte. Solid Dude.

"Come down anytime" he says "Fly in to Denver. I'll pick you up, drive you up to Casper and I'll row."

We spent most of the night drinking and looking at pictures of fish on our cellphones.

We made plans to go fishing the next morning but after about 5-6 "shit disturbers" (rye and tabasco) he said he propably wouldn't make it fishing. I called him a "pussy" but I was actually relieved I wasn't going have to drag my ass out of bed.

It was a good night and I met a lot of really good folks.

The missus told me to take lots of pictures but somehow this one is the only one I took.


Top shelf photog skills.

[u][b]Day 9[/b][/u]

Hung way the fuck over. No fishing for peetso

It's a beer and clam with a side of advil kind of morning/afternoon.[/report]

[i]"this was all a cathedral then and the cowboys they all knew.

That you can't keep a loop on paradise but she disappeared so soon.

She disappeard too soon"

- corb lund[/i]

Nursed a hangover while drinking beer and watching the ball game with the father in-law this afternoon. The missus and the mother in-law were looking at photo albums in the kitchen. When I went to the fridge to grab another couple cold ones, I saw a few fish pics and started looking through them as well.


One album was from when the father in-law was young.

There's a ranch way back in the foothills that has been in his family for generations. The mountain behind it is named after his grandmother. They moved to town when he got to school age but they spent every summer out there.

We started talking about what it was like back then.


He's pushing 70 now but when he talked of those summer's out at the ranch, it sounded like it was only yesterday to him.

"Time of my life. No work, no school, no aches, no pains. Just miles of river and mountains in every direction."

"You would have loved it"

Fishing. Campfires. Week long pack trips. Yep sounds like heaven to me.


He golfs now but never fails to ask me where I went, what I used and how I did.

I asked why he doesn't fish anymore.

"It just wouldn't be the same as it was back then."

"Plus fairways are a little easier on the body. I probably couldn't make it down some of those canyons anymore."


There was sadness and a tinge of anger in his voice when we spoke of all the million dollar ranchettes that seem to be popping up everywhere. 4000 sq. foot homes, 4 car garages, 20 acres of sod. Lined up as far you can see in some places.

"Awful waste of good land."


This the old lady's Grandfather.

When he got too old and couldn't see that well anymore, they took his license away. He bought a lawn tractor and rode that thing all over town. I never got to meet the man. Wish I did.

Just before heading off to bed the father in-law turned me and said "It's beautiful out here now . . . but boy you should've seen her back then."

It got me wondering what this place will look like in another 40 years. Sure hope there's some wild places left. With clean, clear water and healthy trout.[/report]
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my inlaws live in the middle of the gawd awful state of confusion with no respectable fish for miles around , and they are always catfish. you sir are quite lucky to have such great inlaws living in gods country :coffee
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