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By Meatwad
Parquet Courts - Stoned and Starving.... look, we've all been there

so glad kids make new music every single day
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By Lurgee

You like the new pyschedilc rock n roll that's coming out?

You like the Tame Impala, the White Denim, the Foxygen...well check out these guys. They do that thing to the guitars that makes them sound like the Byrds and Beatles. That's a cool thing in my book.

And this. The video scares/disturbs me but it gets my head to bobbing and foot moving in an up and down motion. Whole album is excellent.

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By Lurgee
[report]Pardon the interuption of your old member/new member arguments but I forgot something.

New Megafaun release thing.

You NC Durhamites and Raleighegians need to go see these guys as often as you can.

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By jerome
Great band. This video was filmed where I grew up.

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By jerome
FUCK YEAH. New Mofro.

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By jerome
Good shit...

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By Lurgee
[report]So I posted his debut/last album on my top 10 of 2011 list somewhere earlier in this thread and am happy to say he's gone and done it again. Really great story behind this artist that created a really good documentary titled "Soul of America" which went on to inspire "Searching for Sugarman".

If you like strong soul with classic 60's and early 70's funk this is a winner. If you don't just listen. I've had it on continuous for a couple weeks now.

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