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By Lurgee
Smoooooooth. Thanks Buddy.

I’ve got a list of stuff I should add to this but....
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By 421sd
Edit: tried to edit. Still won't play, so fucks it. Titles show so one can go look them up directly on the Youtubes if interested......

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By yard4sale
Art can be tough to understand and easy to overlook. Even after that you may hate it but you never know till you look. It took me the full circle to appreciate this guy....(hint: think reservoir dogs being a play not a movie)

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By LA Fly Guy
421sd wrote: Tue Sep 10, 2019 12:58 pm New TOOL. Long songs — zero fuks about airplay I guess...

TOOL YouTubes doesn't like the youtube presentation button here, so links provided. ... 7DfQMPmJRI ... xsld16TjSU
I can't believe they're still together and making new music after all these years. Wow. Making me feel old.

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