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Been through the new Wilco album twice today...its mellow. I was hoping for another Sky Blue Sky rager, but its a fine album nonetheless...great thread idea. :cool
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By D-nymph


haha, TP how do you come across Pittsburgh local hip hop tunes?
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By Bruiser
John Doe has a new one

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By Lurgee
[quote="Surly"]New album in October


I'm looking forward to this one...and hope they finally record the Nirvana tribute they do so well. Youtube seach Deervana.
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By tailingpermit


haha, TP how do you come across Pittsburgh local hip hop tunes?[/quote]

Friend from Tittsburgh moved to KW and intoduced it to us a few years back.

Going to see him at the end of Oct in SLC.
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By Larry S Hittem
This is a trip. Mac Miller...never heard of him. Frick Park Market...used to be just about in my back yard. Thanks for the turkey & swiss brah! :cool
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By BearsFan
I didn't know MadMike could rap too.
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