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By blumpkin
I will work on the production later. But this is what it's about. Unskunkable's never ending whining about not being able to catch a striper on a Cali Bass lake has motivated me and I will keep it simple. :gun

Striper Wars I am at my striper spot as I type this rigged beulah 7.62mm 8wt. Firing 425 grains of Tg.

Unskunkable: I am on the river it is 2:00 am Fri Morning I challenge you to a Striper Contest this weekend 1st Fish, Biggest Fish. Stuff like this no weighing or measuring just SOBF approved pics.

Get going bitch I am already started.
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By blumpkin
I have now notified Unskunkable, with the message "hey bitch you#ve been served skip work skip sleep your choice this is Striper Wars" text message.
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By blumpkin
Moonless night I am just chilling and waiting for the insane low light hours. Yard Sale for your enjoyment "Striper Wars" is available as a podcast. Coffee mugs will be available for sale.
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By fatman
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By blumpkin
Unskunkable started out with an excuse or two, but the fact that I callled him a bitch several times here and in text messages that I sent him really seemed to motivate him to kick my ass, both in fishing terms and literally as well.

He has accepted the challenge.
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This is quite the teaser. When will it be shown outside the U.S.? I am eagerly awaiting to see it in NZ theatres!! :Roll Eyes :cool
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By blumpkin
I cannot believe the betting has not yet begun.

Get your bets in before Midnight West coast seppo.

We are going by a points system. Most points wins.
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By blumpkin
Striper 5 points
First fish 5 points.
Biggest fish 5 points
Misdemeanor charges 5 points
Felony 10 points
Incidental bycatch 1 point
Hooker pics 1 point
This has potential...I would add "picture with a midget" 1 point. Picture with a "dead hooker" 2 points. Picture with both at once 5 points.
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Went down to my TAB and put in for 17-8 Blump, with homefield advantage and being the Prince of Darkness and all... :cheer :cool
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By tb3.
cantfishforshit wrote:This has potential...I would add "picture with a midget" 1 point. Picture with a "dead hooker" 2 points. Picture with both at once 5 points.

Not to derail the thread, but this got me thinking that a Great Drake Drunk Scavenger Hunt could be pretty amusing :smile
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