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[report]Got to sneak out for an hour this morning. I got one to play.
And like a good Browns fan I fumbled
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By Spicytuna
Fine work buddy,

Glad to see you getting out.

If you feel like making a drive come down for some Delta Stripers in a month.
[report]This past weekend one of my best friends got married. He just so happened to have one of our fishing buddy's from out of town come in to shoot the event. In the down time I got to take him out to chase some of our local heroes.


Then he hooked up and showed why he was asked to capture the wedding

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By blumpkin
blump... bump.
You know what’s up.... Fucking join me on this.
One way or another.
Food will obviously be provided by my team of Asians.

I am fishing the entire thing,
and will win.

Clyde would be nice, and we can fix that thing in Billings/Williston frame up on me.
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