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So it looks like I get points for first fish, non striper and police interaction.....

I think BigCliff voted for coffee


Had to get my truck smogged due to Cali's dumbass rules requiring diesels to be smogged. So after 3 hours of dealing with that and the DMV I finally made it to the lake to meet a buddy on his boat.



The hunt was on for stripers which have been an epic fail at the lake lately. Too bad for us that streak continues, all was not lost though.


The fish was landed using a fly that I snuck out of Sakonett's fly box while Crabtop's had him looking the other direction.

I had to finish out the day from shore because my buddy got called in to work at 4:30 am and needed to sleep.


Here's photographic proof of police interaction.

From experience I know how hard it is to get
quality police interaction pic but you nailed it
2 Points one for each Federali.
I think first fish is like 5 points
but its gotta be a striper
you. get 1 point for the bass
Did I give you that airhead?
4 pages in only to find this is about stripers, not strippers...

It was a letdown to say the least.
Where the fuck are the stripers?




Well a major north wind handed my ass to me today a big :smile :smile skunkaroo.
Shit I am back goin on like 2 months fishless,
times like this I tie on some Deet channel some
Wulff and imagine Shunned Thunder and Lando
giving me some shit and muscle out 4 more hours
of casting.
I still can't seem to find a Striper out of my favorite lake. Shit, I haven't even caught one there since October.

I spent many hours doing this.



And this is what I got from the fish.

Careful out there, brahs...It's almost Winter.

Chantilly kayaker rescued from Chesapeake Bay
Martin Weil, Published: December 13

A 54-year-old Northern Virginia man was rescued Sunday night from the Chesapeake Bay after his kayak overturned in the cold and darkness, authorities said.

The man, who was not identified, is from Chantilly, according to the Coast Guard, which rescued him, and the Virginia Marine Police, which was also sent.

He was drifting “in and out of consciousness” when pulled from 50-degree water on a 32-degree night off Kiptopeke, Va., a Coast Guard spokesman said. The man was taken to a hospital, but his condition could not be learned.

He was the third man rescued in the Hampton Roads area within a week after the capsize of a kayak or canoe, said John Bull, a spokesman for the Marine Police.

All three had life jackets on, said Bull, who credited that — and the rapid response from rescuers — with saving them.

In a statement, the Coast Guard said the Chantilly man called 911 about 8:30 p.m. to say his kayak had capsized southwest of Kiptopeke, which is near the southern tip of the Eastern Shore and about 150 miles from the District. A Coast Guard boat found him about 9:05 p.m.

Endorsing the use of life jackets, Lt. Jack Smith, a Coast Guard public affairs officer, noted that the “cold weather and water temperatures are unforgiving, and boaters need to be prepared for the worst out there.” Authorities said the Virginia man also wore a protective “dry suit.”

Bull linked the incidents to the growing popularity of nighttime striped bass fishing from kayaks or similar craft near the mouth of the Chesapeake, on the route the fish take to and from the ocean.
A couple of fishermen typically land in the water each year, Bull said, but there have been “a lot more this year.” The fish often weigh 20 pounds or more, and he said the cold intensified the hazards of grappling with them.

Among authorities’ recommendations: a well-fitting personal flotation device and an immersion suit. Also an air horn and a light to aid searchers. ... _local_pop
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