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Fold the seam and it cracks. Period. Every time. I have no idea if they leak afterward, but it's so disconcerting to see that I couldn't possibly trust them, so I couldn't ever wear them.

Pinch the seam. It cracks. Every time. Every. Time.

Unbelievable it's crazy tO see.
Hey there

Just got a pair this fall to replace my Cloud Veils(sp)..I got the Pants...I really like them...easier for me to get into them and get them off the waist band too…Very comfortable...price was right also...


oh yeah …got some more of that Mustard ….let me know when you run out and I’ll send some yer way…

Grace and peace

great rooster pic, Ben
Just got a pair a couple weeks ago. I've only worn them once, but no leaks. You are going to hear good and bad with any pair or brand of waders out there, or at least I did. I like the company, the technology(leased from Orvis) and figured I'd be a guinea pig for others. So far so good!
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