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Whoa, way to depict a great TR my man! I remember talking to Jerms on the phone last Feb. before the quake, and knowing how psyched at the time he was from him and his mrs. to tour around the SI and come for a visit. Soon thereafter, (and I remember the day on the water with wholetmygoatsout well), the quake struck. WLMGO and I didn't even feel it on the river, but man, when I talked to Jerms afterwards and knowing his mojo had been rocked by the quake, I wanted to make sure that the only thing that would make him edgy in NZ was a tough fish!

Always easy to fish with and get to know a guy who is as nice (he brought my wife flowers; to which she looked at me with a furled brow, and all I could say was "uh, glass of wine?"), and sincere as Jerms. Pretty amazing stories of life as well. We did some grunty days, covering 10km during one day, but he took it all in stride and showed all the intuition and skills needed to do well here.

Still hasn't rained squat since you were here Jerms, and the fish have gotten even tougher in the slow, clear stuff! Happy to help make it always know where to find us. :Roll Eyes :cool
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By P-A
We seem to fish the same waters man, that is a epic journey and
your are truely been blessed both with life and awsome fishing.
Cheers P-A :cool :cool :bow
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By Sakonnet
Saw this post last night and thought about it all day... simply amazing.
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By Ruddy Duck
Epic report there.

I met VTNZ at the Suck movie awards in NOLA. After the last film, he just started talking to me about the movies. He doesn't realize who I am because I was a lurker at the time. From our brief conversation I could tell he was a genuine and sincere guy. Very outgoing. I remember thinking he has the perfect personality for guiding and thinking I'd like to fish with him in VT one day. I think I may now shoot for the latter part of his handle after this report!
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